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Four Ways to Identify If a Sushi Is Fresh

Many among you might be a huge fan of sushi. In Dubai, it is visible that sushi is a highly popular food nowadays. There are various restaurants cropping up at different places across the city, serving delectable sushi. But how many times have you pondered about identifying the right kind of nutritious and fresh sushi? This could be a fairly difficult task if you don’t keep certain points in your mind. Identifying good sushi in Dubai requires some basic strategies. When you have the required info, and apply the tips as discussed below, you can easily perform the task of identification.

Firmness Factor

It is extremely important that the sushi you have is firm. Sushi has fish as its main ingredient. There is a simple way to check its firmness. You need to press the sushi gently with your finger and observe whether it is giving a mushy feel or not. If you observe that the fish inside is mushy, and does not spring back, it can be assured that the sushi is not firm. It means that the sushi is not fresh and should not be eaten. Bring the attention of the restaurant to address the issue if you have ordered the dish in a restaurant.

Smell Factor

This is a bit tricky to apply, and you might need a bit of experience to check out the freshness of the sushi using this technique. You might thin – Hey! Sushi is made of fish, so naturally, it must smell very fishy. But this is not at all the case. Fresh sushi does never smell fishy. If it does, you can be rest assured that the sushi is somewhat or completely stale. There could be some shady measures employed by the restaurant to mask the bad odor. Beware of such things.

Color Factor

It is yet another tip that requires some experience to effectively apply to determine the freshness of sushi. The color of the sushi and the fish inside should always be vibrant. If you observe some pale shades in the food, the best thing to do is rejecting it completely. In general, the colors of a good sushi must nicely intermingle and give you a healthy appearance.

Ambience Quality

You also need to take note of the ambiance and overall service quality of the sushi restaurant where you are and planning to have a sushi meal. These are good indicators, too, in telling about the freshness of the sushi dish, but, in an indirect way.


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A Quick Guide to Help You Detect Authentic Sushi - Arra

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