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Tips To Reduce Your Toddler’s Screen Time

The kids now are always glued to a screen be it a laptop, phone, tablet, or laptop, they hardly go out to play anymore, or know how to feel nature, they are always cooped up inside with a device and that’s not something a parent would want to see their child constantly doing.

It is understandable that these kids learn a lot from these devices they are constantly glued to but too much of everything could be bad sometimes and that’s why you have to try and cut back on the amount of time your kids spend on these devices, and you could do this in a number of ways. There are nurseries in Dubai that could help keep your child busy and entertained and allow them stay away from the screen for some time but as parents you need to know how to handle these things by yourself and ensure your parents do not spend time too much time on their screens.
We have a few tips that could help you ensure that your child stays off the screen.

Be an Example to Your Kids

Children pay attention to every little thing even when you think they might not be paying attention, if they see their parent is always watching TV, or always on the phone, or always lazing about they are most likely to follow and adapt to that same behavior, but if they see you doing activities like cooking, reading a book, painting, or just taking a stroll they would want to carry out these same things too, maybe even do them with you.

Limited Viewing Settings

Sometimes being a good example may not be enough so the child might need an extra push and that is by you setting a limit to all devices in your home, limiting their screen time is more effective this way because only you can activate it and let it run again, you may think it is strict but this strictness is necessary for your child’s development.

Spend Time with Your Kids

Spending time with a child is sure to take their mind off these device’s, get to know your baby better, play with them and their toys, see what new things they are interested in because children’s interest are always changing, this doesn’t just help your child stay off the screen, but it also creates a stronger bond between you guys.

In Conclusion

These are a few points that can ensure that the screen time of your toddler is cut drastically and he or she is more active and bubblier as a toddler should be while ensuring you are closer to your kid. To get more information on things concerning your children Visit:

Tips To Reduce Your Toddler’s Screen Time - Arra

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