Why Heets Sticks Are Gaining Popularity in Sharjah - Arra

Why Heets Sticks Are Gaining Popularity in Sharjah

IQOS devices were introduced into the market in 2018 and have since gained a lot of popularity around the world. For some individuals, it can be used to replace smoking. A lot of individuals around the world are greatly interested in using the IQOS heet sticks but lack the knowledge on how it actually functions. Here are some of the reasons why heets are gaining popularity to help when you buy heets in Sharjah.

Why Heets Sticks Are Gaining Popularity in Sharjah - Arra

Why Are IQOS Heet Sticks Better?

With the growing popularity you may begin to wonder what could be so interesting that individuals are switching over from typical cigarettes to the heet sticks. The technology behind the IQOS device is the heat control mechanism which helps it regulate and monitor the temperature of the device. The temperature heats to about 300-350 degrees Celsius which leads to the production of a smoke free aerosol. The aerosol produced dissipates immediately into the air than typical smoke. The steam produced contains less potentially harmful chemicals which is released from burning of tobacco. The smoke free aerosol produced doesn’t settle on clothes or skin which eliminates the after smell that is attached with smoking a cigarette. With this advanced technology, it also eliminates the residue of ashes that is typically left behind.

Why Heets Sticks Are Gaining Popularity in Sharjah - Arra


How The Device Works

When you purchase the device, it comes in a portable iPod looking charging case. You need to charge it for about 4 minutes before you can start it up. The IQOS device comes with a pack of mini heet sticks usually 20 in number. Start by opening the lid of the charger case and pulling out the IQOS holder. Proceed to place the heet stick into the holder before pressing on the button to light it up. Wait for about 20 seconds before taking in the first drag. You can use each heet stick for about 6 minutes or a total of 14 drags.

When the light of the IQOS holder goes off, this is an indicator that the experience is over. You can either change the heet stick or place it into the charging case.

In Conclusion

The IQOS device is portable and easy to use while giving the same feeling of smoking an actual cigarette. The various flavors and strengths of the tobacco can make it easier for a typical cigarette smoker to transition. Using the heet sticks will most likely reduce the side effects that most individuals suffer from due to burning tobacco. This is a major reason why the IQOS devices are rising in popularity.

Cleaning the device regularly is also advisable to ensure that it is working at its optimal capacity.

Why Heets Sticks Are Gaining Popularity in Sharjah - Arra

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